Tea Sticks

Made in Belgium by coffeeRoots. There are 15 "T­Sticks" in a packet, each individually wrapped.

T­Sticks main strengths are its practicality and convenience. Providing convenience and a unique drinking experience. All you need is a cup of boiling water and you can brew a fine cup of tea anytime, anywhere!.

To prepare, remove the outer wraping and dip the T­Stick in the cup of hot water. Stir for about 3 minutes. You can leave the T­Stick in the cup.

T­Sticks are perforated from top to bottom with small holes to allow the tea to infuse. Thiscontributes to a better cup of tea because the tea infuses evenly throughout the entire cup.

T­Sticks are compact and portable. They fit in your bag or purse without any worries about them breaking during your travels; the material that contains the tea is durable and cannot be easily ripped apart. The shape of the T­Stick allows you to stir in milk or sugar without having to find a spoon.

No more messy tea bags. T­Sticks are portable, convenient and non­-drip. Save time to enjoy the moment with a touch of exotic flavours of your choice.

All our teas are carefully selected and come from tea estates situated in the best tea growing region of Assam India and South Africa.

Individually wrapped for maximum freshness and prevention of odor absorption, you'll always brew the perfect cup of tea!

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