Coffee Appreciation Session (CAS) - 21st November 2015 November 13 2015

The Coffee Appreciation Session is for beginners who want to fast track their learning and experience with coffee, without the usual blunders and pitfalls.

Our experienced barista and cafe owner will share with you his knowledge, experience and skills that go into making that tasty espresso, cappuccino and cafe latte. 

Enjoy a gourmet pie set meal prepared by Boathouse Galley at the end of the session.

To register for the session, check the product listing on the catalog page.  

What exactly is an espresso? September 20 2014

A question that we've been getting a lot lately is, "what is an espresso?"  To answer this, let's start with what an espresso isn't. An espresso isn't. An espresso isn't a specific bean, bean blend, or roast level. Any bean or roast level can be an espresso.

Espresso is coffee brewed by forcing water that's almost boiling through finely ground coffee beans under pressure. This pressurized brewing process results in very concentrated flavors. Espresso also forms the base of many of our favorite drinks - cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe macchiato and the Americano. 

This chart from IcingOfTheCake summarizes it nicely: