Project PGPL February 16 2016

coffeeRoots Singapore is very pleased to announce our support for Project PGPL.

Project Give Pray Love (PGPL) is a goodwill initiative founded by a mother-daughter team, Monique and Jeanine Lim, to help the poor in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. While PGPL was formally initiated in 2013, Monique and Jeanine have been bringing donations of cash, clothes and other necessities to the poor as well as supported house-building projects in Vietnam since 1993. Since its incept...ion, PGPL has supported the following 5 areas of need:

1) Food for families: purchasing rice, noodles and sauces for poor families

2) Bicycle initiative: purchasing bicycles for needy school children to aid their commute to school

3) Tuition fees initiative: supporting needy students who cannot afford their education

4) Medical fees initiative: supporting the medical treatments of needy patients

5) House-building initiative: supporting the house-building costs for poor families

PGPL makes annual trips to Vietnam to support these various initiatives, made possible through donations and continued fundraising.

For more information, please visit:

Apply the Special Code CRPGPL on the check out page of our online store:

Customers will enjoy 10% discount on their purchases and 5% of the sales proceeds will go to Project PGPL.

Enjoy your love for coffee and do a good deed at the same time.