Limited Time Offer on Coffee Beans and Instant Coffee, Cash on Delivery December 12 2015

Offer valid, from now until Sunday, 20 Dec 2015, while stocks last.

Please refer to our website for product description and prices.


1) Roasted Coffee Beans: Blends Available – Majore, Java D' Oro, Il Presto, and Kimbo

Purchase Amount &  Discount

More than $30 - 5% off

More than $50 - 10% off

(250gm and 1kg bags are available.)


2) Instant coffee: Flavours available – Amarreto, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Tiramisu, Vanilla, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

Any 3 flavours for $21.


To Order, please email to indicating your name, delivery address and

For Coffee Beans – state the blend(s), package size 250gm or 1kg, and quantity of bags

For Instant Coffee – state the 3 flavours


Payment term: Cash on Delivery (COD).