CoffeeRoots Singapore Soft-Launch September 01 2014

The soft-launch was carried out at 1st Avenue, School of Business, Temasek Polytechnic from 28 June to 1st August 2014. An unusual place for a soft-launch, but Temasek Polytechnic has always been known for being bold and innovative and CoffeeRoots-Singapore was just looking for a place like that. This was a great opportunity for both parties to showcase a new brand.

1st Avenue is the retail outlet managed and operated by students taking the Diploma in Retail Management offered by the School of Business.

Students who brought home CoffeeRoots must have impressed their parents and siblings for their thoughtfulness - a rare commodity these days.

Profits from sales go to the school's student fund. We are prepared to work with other institutions / organisations on worthy causes. Email with brief project write-up.