SIA World Airline Tennis Tournament (SIA-WATT) 2016 April 22 2016

coffeeRoots-Singapore is proud to be a sponsor of the SIA World Airline Tennis Tournament 2016, organized by the SIA Group Sports Club. For more details, visit the official tournament page at:


It is with great honour and pleasure that I welcome all participants, their families and fans to the SIA World Airline Tennis Tournament 2016!

This is the first time that SIA Group Sports Club is hosting this wonderful tournament and the main objective is to bring together airline friends from all over the world to the Garden City of Singapore for a healthy competition of tennis. Apart from the players, I would like to warmly invite non-playing family members to be part of the event and enjoy spending time in Singapore.

​I would also like to extend my congratulations to the organising team for their efforts in bringing the tournament to Singapore and thank them for their hard work in ensuring that the tournament will be a roaring success.

The team and I are extremely excited to be your host and we look forward to meeting you and your loved ones at the SIA World Airline Tennis Tournament 2016.


Gan Kim Hock
Tennis Advisor
SIA Group Sports Club