Why Does Iced Coffee Cost So Much More Than Hot Coffee? September 02 2016


Have you ever wondered why iced coffee costs so much more than hot coffee? Why do a few ice cubes increase the cost of your coffee by 50% or more? It can be a touchy issue, with one lady even suing Starbucks because her iced coffee had too much ice. In this post we'll explain one of the great mysteries of life.

The main reason why iced coffee costs more than hot coffee is because to maintain the concentration of the coffee when the ice melts, a double shot of espresso is often used. If you find your iced coffee is diluted  or water-down then the most likely culprit is not using enough of an espresso base.

To be fair, the cost of buying the ice and refrigerating is also added to the price of the coffee. But this, along with the fact that plastic cups cost more than paper cups, and the additional straw are secondary to the fact that an additional shot of espresso is needed.