Why Do Cafes Serve Water Along With The Espresso? January 06 2017

why do cafes serve water with espresso

Ever wondered why cafes serve either mineral or sparkling water with your espresso? There are a couple of reasons behind this tradition as we will explore further. 

The main reason for serving water with your espresso is so that you can cleanse your palate before you sip, allowing you to enjoy the taste of the espresso better. Whether you receive still or sparkling water is a reflection of the local custom. For example, in Germany and Austria, there's a higher chance of being served sparkling water instead. 

The water is not just for cleansing your palate before you drink your coffee, however. Cafe patrons tend to stay at cafes for some time and are in no hurry. Whether it's working on a project on their laptop, reading the newspaper or simply interacting with other customers, many patrons might order a second or third drink, which may not be coffee. The water served with the coffee is again used to cleanse the palate, so that the residual coffee taste in the mouth doesn't affect the taste of the subsequent drinks.

Last but not least, coffee is a mild diuretic. That is to say that it makes you want to pee more, which can be a little dehydrating. The water served with coffee helps you to stay hydrated.