How to Store Your Coffee Beans October 11 2014

How To Store Your Coffee Beans Properly

Here are some tips for storing your coffee beans in order to preserve the fresh-roast flavor. The key is to avoid (in order):

  1. Air
  2. Moisture
  3. Heat
  4. Light

Where should you store your beans? A cool, dry, dark place such as cabinet would be ideal. Avoid anywhere that gets the heat from the afternoon sun. Do avoid storing them in the freezer as the repeated freezing and thawing will introduce moisture and spoil the beans fast. Also, freezing breaks down some of the oils which diminish the flavor of the coffee.

What type of container to use? Air tight glass and ceramic containers are ideal.

The valve-sealed coffee packaging that our beans come in allow gases to escape from the packaging but does not allow any gases in. This allows us to package the coffee immediately after roasting without needing for it to be aged before being sealed.  

It is best to consume the coffee within 1 - 2 weeks from opening the valve sealed packaging. Do remember to grind your coffee when your are about to drink it. Ground coffee has a larger surface area, which results in them going bad faster.