Where Does Your Coffee Come From - Top Coffee Producing Countries 2015 September 09 2016

Top Coffee Producing Countries in 2015

Wondering where your coffee beans come from? It could be closer than you think. Delicate Arabicas are grown at a higher elevation of 600m to 2000m, while hardier Robustas are grown at lower elevation levels of between 200m to 600m. Singapore's highest peak - Bukit Timah Hill stands at 168m, so it's unlikely we'll be seeing any major coffee production in Singapore anytime soon. So with that said, where do our coffee beans come from?

According to the International Coffee Organization, a London-based intergovernmental body of coffee exporting and importing countries, the top ten coffee bean producing countries in 2015 are:

  Country Metric Tons
1 Brazil 2,720,520
2 Vietnam 1,650,000
3 Colombia 696,000
4 Indonesia 411,000
5 Ethiopia 390,000
6 India 300,300
7 Mexico 270,000
8 Guatemala 240,000
9 Peru 210,000
10 Honduras 162,000


With Vietnam and Indonesia, there are two Southeast-Asian countries among the top 5 coffee producing countries in the world. Many in Singapore know that Indonesia is a big coffee producer (Dutch colony and all), but not many know that Vietnam is an even bigger coffee producer, producing almost 4 times as much coffee as Indonesia.