How To Get Rid Of Smells From Your Coffee Grinder May 27 2016

If you've used your coffee grinder to grind either flavored coffee beans or spices, you'd have noticed that your coffee tastes different the next time you switch back to using unflavored coffee beans.

What happens is that oil from the spices and flavored coffee beans are released when they're ground and remain on your grinder if you don't clean it properly. Coffee being the flavor and aroma sponge that it is, absorbs these oils, which then go on to alter the taste of your coffee.

Here's a simple trick that will help you remove such unwanted smells and odors from your grinder.

  • Grind about a quarter cup of oats in your grinder till all that remains is a fine powder.
  • Oats is soft, so it won't damage your grinder. It is also very effective in absorbing the oils that linger in your coffee grinder.
  • Pour out the powderized oats and wipe your grinder with a damp cloth.
Do give this a try and let us know if it works well for you. As effective as we think this technique is when it comes to removing unwanted odors and flavors, we recommend using separate grinders for your coffee and spices.