The Right Grind for Your Brewing Method May 12 2016

Determining the right grind for your coffee brewing method

Now that you have a good grinder to grind your coffee beans with, how fine should you grind your coffee beans?  It's a common misconception that you should always grind your coffee beans as fine as possible. This is completely off the mark! Some brewing methods require a coarse grind while for others, a finer grind would be more suitable. In this post, we list the right grind for popular brewing methods.

How does the coarseness of the grind affect your coffee?

1. Grinding your coffee beans too coarse, exposes less surface area and thus results in a  weaker cup of coffee. Conversely, if you grind your beans too fine, more surface area is exposed, which results in a stronger cup of coffee. Of course, the caveat here is that all else being equal.

2. Your choice of brewing method (along with your personal taste) will determine the type of filter you use. Filters vary in their ability to remove the grounds from the finished brew. The amount of particles that are allowed to pass through will affect the taste, body, texture and bitterness of your coffee.

Choosing the right grind

Here's a list of the appropriate fineness/coarseness to grind your beans for some of the more popular brewing methods:

 Method Grind
Turkish / Greek Super - fine
Vacuum Brewer Fine
Manual-Drip Medium to Fine
Automatic Drip Medium to Fine
French Press Coarse
Percolator Coarse


Have you been grinding your beans too fine all the time? Use the appropriate grind and you'll be sure to notice the difference it makes to your cup of coffee.

We hope you've found this guide useful and do follow us for more tips and guides to get the best out of your beans!